Sunday, February 15, 2009

Family Discipleship

I hope y'all are all well and happy. :)
Every month our church has a get together after church, where one family hosts and teaches a certain useful skill. We all have a wonderful time... and afterward there is enough fellowship to go around! Here are some pictures of this past Lord's day where we learned how to make Creamed Honey!

Family Discipleship

We are learning how to cream honey! Making biscuits first!
Miss Karen and her little Princess Hannah. So dear!
Little Emmy! What a doll baby!!!
Naomi and Emily.
Men's talk.
Miss Evie and Little miss Hannah.
Princess Hannah. How Cute!!!!
The game is about to begin!!!!!
Fun conversation.
Oh, look! The game has started!
Look at Ewan's smile!!! And Elam's "sweet" look.
Our dear friend Olivia, and me.
Look what fun I am having!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sisters. Awwww!
Too Cute! Naomi and Benjamin.
And I will close with this darling picture.

Goodnight y'all. God be with you 'till we meet again,'

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Happy birthday Abby! Abigail spent her 7th birthday playing and spending lots of time with her family. She really enjoyed herself.

Happy birthday to Naomi Ruth! Naomi fit right into the part of birthday girl. She turned 4 on the 12 of January. She had a fun day eating, playing, and just being our sweet little baby!

Happy birthday Lils! Lydia had a wonderful day. She had a fun time out with daddy and momma (which consisted of shopping and lunch.) And then had some time at home. Her Theme was "Little Women". Emily made her a beautiful little women dress.

Happy birthday to our three January Girls!

Creek Wood Farm

Hey Y'all!
Here are some pictures of us on the farm. Sorry there aren't very many. I am hoping to get some of the other animals also. Here's what each one is from top to bottom.

The first on is of Joel with his clever design of a "pail holder".

Next is the 4 month old chicks in the "weening" pen. (A weening pen is a little pen that you put chicks in ,inside the coop, once they are old enough. It keeps them safe from the other chickens until they get used to having them around.)

Then some of the chickens is the coop.

A pic. of me with my cat Spike.

Our family photo for 2009

And the "kids" pic. for '09

Hope y'all enjoy!

Thursday, February 12, 2009