Sunday, September 26, 2010

DAY 3: Bowling

For day 3 we went bowling!!!! Daddy and Momma did their usual penny competition and Momma won the penny with the best 2 out of 3 games, but Daddy had a higher average. :) Naomi was the most entertaining to watch! I think that her ball actually went 14 mph once! (14 mph being fast.) Christ be with you all! For His glory alone, Anna for the Pendletons
Naomi putting it right where it's supposed to be!

Daddy with Momma doing great!

When a girl is thirsty and the drinks are like $1000...she'll do anything lol!

Em being amused by pictures

Look at Momma's action swing!!!!!!!!!

And Naomi's "not so" action swing. :)

Abby with that bright smile.

Lydia Lynn (you can see she got a real drink. :)

Me waiting my turn

Go Daddy!!!!!!

Wow...I can't say how much I love and admire and respect my parents. Praise the Lord for God fearing and loving parents!!!! (More to come, Lord willing!!!) :)

Saturday, September 18, 2010

DAY 4: Second Horse Ride!

Howdy Everyone!
We went out to Ft. Rucker a second time. :) We spent more time out there this time. Again, the pictures will speak for themselves (with captions:).
Christ be with you!
For His glory alone,
Anna for the Pendletons
As we say down here..."Fittin' to get goin'!" :)

Duke looking really cute!

And Naomi looking even more cute!!!!!!!

When we got there we started tacking up quickly. I love this picture of Lydia and Jeb. Too sweet.

My Princess Poogannessay... (The name is a long can just say Poog for short lol!) on Rusty boy!

Duke as a packhorse

There was a really narrow part through the very really pretty and peaceful, but a bit hard to get through when you have a romping colt tied to your saddle horn. :P

Micah on Marshmallow (Marshmallow, btw, is starting to get red hair so we may have a red marshmallow on our hands lol!)

Lydia and the other packhorse, Jeb. :)

Abby's smile is sunshine!!!! She had so much fun bouncing on the back of Gretchen with Daddy!

Does it get cuter? Look at Naomi's vest! And I think that the pack she is looking at is the one containing the...cookies. ;D

Em...I was so thankful that she took pictures this day as I forgot my camera. :)

My two! Jasmine did great...Roman just acted like a wild colt...kinda like a little boy! (Anyone with little boys will know what that's like! :)

We enjoyed a picnic in a shady spot. In the rush to get all the horses there (and us there in one piece) we forgot the we had some wonderful lettuce and lunch meat sandwiches!!! Thanks, Momma for getting everything ready. :)

Naomi bouncing :)

On the way back!

This is my favorite picture of the day! The girls are holding hands and so are Daddy and Momma! Sooooo sweet! :)
I plan (Lord willing) to post the rest of vacation soon. :)

Day 2: First day of Horseback riding

Hello Everyone!
Sorry it took me so long to get back to this...busy as always! :)
We recently become members at the equestrian center on Ft. Rucker! We took our first trips out there during vacation. It was really nice! And it was Roman's (my colt) first time on a real trail ride. Everyone did really well and we learned new things, as you do every time you are around horses.
Christ be with you!
For His glory alone,
Anna for the Pendletons

Lydia and Jeb

Jasmine, Roman and me (this came out looking a little bit like a painting. :) this picture!

Duke in his English "frock"

Daddy and Abby doubling up on Gretchen

Momma looking lovely and Naomi giving me the face that always scares me!!! :)

Stopping to adjust

Roman was either running ahead or dragging behind!

Through the woods we go!

Classic Alabama! It's home. :)

Lotsa orange on the way back.

Now I know why everyone stares at us when we drive by!!!! Why wouldn't they lol!

Ceee-ute!!!!! God bless!

Monday, September 13, 2010

Vacation 2010: Day One-The Beach

Monday was the first day of our vacation that we are calling a stay-cation because we are not making a trip this time. We are doing things within a day's drive from home so that we can be home this year. :) I'll let the pictures speak for themselves (and the captions will help :). We spent the day at the beach! :)
Enjoy the pix. :)
Christ be with you!
For His glory alone,
Anna for the Pendletons

On our way! Looks like you are looking out from an air plane.

I thought this one was the most hilarious picture! Naomi had her mask on and I told her to smile and so she simply smiled! :) Soooo cute!

Ok...when a car ride is an hour or more you simply must buy the children a bunch of sugar!!!! It makes for a much more interesting time. :)

You can see the effect it has on them! :)

The colors were just beautiful!

Naomi "scuba" diving for anything she could get her hands on!

Sisters and best friends. :)

Me carrying the critters that Naomi caught back to the sand.

Aren't those goggles a-d-o-r-a-b-l-e on her!

We stopped by DG on the way down and Daddy and Momma got all the kids some kites.

Micah trying to catch a fish I think

The kites are up!

I did a man in the sand...he is supposed to be wearing goggles.

This dragon fly was so obliging and let me get all the pictures I wanted of him...he was huge and one of the brightest ones I have seen!

Abby and Naomi

"look y'all! It's beach rats!!!"

Daddy and Momma

Naomi sailing right into the smelly, sticky, green spooge...?

All four of our little swimmers. :)

OK! Let me tell you about the sea slugs!!! We were wading in the water and noticed these things all over the place near the "spooge"/algae. I asked Micah to pick one up (I really didn't want to be the first one to ;) and we discovered that they were sea slugs! There were 100s of them and when Naomi discovered that they were the only things in the ocean slow enough for her to catch she didn't stop catching them! She caught well over three or four dozen and piled them all up in the sand castle molds. It was hilarious to watch her throw them all back. :)

Here's one of them closer up...kinda cute aint it? ;D

Em found this little crab...too bad it was already dead. :(

The bird in front had caught a fish and I was watching him and saw the other one run up behind him...before the one in the back had reached the other one, the one in front gobbled the fish down. :)

Doesn't it look like glass! (and that's not a huge wave. I put my camera really close to the ground and got this picture just before the water rippled up :)

And thus our time at the beach ends! :) SO much fun.

Five girls in front of Five Guys LOL!

We went to 5G for was soo yummy! Thanks Daddy and Momma for taking us!

There were a bunch of beads left over from a parade and daddy lifted Lydia up, but they were too stuck to get them out. :)

Now THAT'S a burger!!!!

We had such a wonderful day and a great start to our "stay-cation". :) More to come! :)