Saturday, December 25, 2010

Jake's Graduation and R.N. "Pinning"!!

The Jake Pendleton Family celebrates the fruit of hard work and diligence! Jake graduated from college and received his R.N. degree! Jake has even been promoted to "Charge Nurse" before he graduated! Friends and family attended the graduation ceremony where Jake had the honor and privilege of giving the benediction for the graduation. Jake gave a bold and eloquent prayer glorifying God and in the name of Jesus Christ in which Marty Juve commented "That sure wasn't a secular or politically-correct prayer!" Following the graduation ceremony we had a reception where we heard testimony from Karen O'Brien of how Jake ministered to her Mom before she passed away recently as well as their whole family. We have heard several other testimonies of how God is using Jake for His glory to minister to the hurting as well as their families. We are thankful that God is using Jake and that Jake is seeking to be a servant in God's name.

Dad handing Jake "The Baton" in recognition that Jake is a Christian man who is faithfully running the race! (see photo below) Dad commended Jake for demonstrating Christian manhood in his personal life, his family, and in his vocation and the world.

Jake giving recognition to the two most important women in his life! He gave an honary R.N. pin to Tina for being a wife who continually encouraged him and was a supportive help-meet during the long hours of work and study! He also gave Mom an honary R.N. pin for home-schooling him academically from K through 12 and especially "Character First" training! ;D

A very proud and happy Mom presented Jake with a heart-felt poem she wrote titled "Listening on the Inside." Along with the poem, she presented Jake a very nice stethescope with his name engraved on it.

"The Baton" hanging on the wall in the Jacob Pendleton home. It has the Scripture references of Psalm 128 and 1 COR 9:24

The really cool cake that Emily made!

Narnia Exhibition

My dear, dear friend and cousin Sarah and I both really enjoy C.S. Lewis and one of his most popular series is the Chronicles of Narnia. Sarah and I were both excited when we heard that the exhibition that has allot of the props/costumes from the new movies along with several of C.S. Lewis' things was going to be in Huntsville Al! Our dads were both so sweet and we met at the Space and Rocket Center where the exhibition is right now. Unfortunately, Disney would not allow pix inside the exhibits, but we got a couple outside it. The exhibits were sooooo neat!
Thanks so much Daddy and Uncle Chuck for taking us!
Christ be with you all,
Anna for the Pendletons