Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Naomi on her Stallion...Tex

Hey Y'all!
Well! Naomi,5, has turned into quite the little horse lady! Tina has been helping her tame her "stallion" and Naomi is now able to ride him without fear of his "wild nature". :) I think that the question we get asked the most when people see him is, "Can she really ride him?" Well, I know it's surprising, but you can see here that she can! :) I will have to get a video of Tina riding him sometime, as that is just as (if not MORE) hilarious as Naomi. :)
Christ be with you all!
For His glory alone,
Anna for the Pendletons
PS. It will take a moment for the video to buffer. And sorry about the noise in the background, Em was mowing at the time. :)

Sunday, August 15, 2010

A Weeked in Pensacola FL.

We all enjoyed spending the weekend together in Pensacola. We did several fun things while we were there. I have posted them all categorically so I won't talk about them here... :)
Christ be with you all!
For His glory alone,
Anna for the Pendletons
The family picture for the weekend.

On the way

You can see how hard it's raining here (remember that, we'll be referring back to that later lol) ;)

Pensacola Naval Air Museum

Micah next to the Blue Angels

Look y'all! It's a "John Deer" plane!!!! ;)

This was one of four propellers on an oil rig (I think). It is solid bronze and, if I remember correctly, about 72 thousand lbs.

Em and I have so much fun both taking pictures!

Daddy and one of his baby dolls. Look how that cockpit swallows Naomi up!

The four youngest. :)


"Lotsa" air planes

Abby was sooo funny! She was terrified of getting in. :) She was sure that the top was going to slam shut as soon as she got in.

"Still thinking about it." lol!

My "poog" and me in front of a helicopter like one that Daddy flew before.

Daddy :)

And all of "us kids" who are still at home. :)

Inside the Lighthouse!

Yep! We went allllllll the way up! There were 177 steps!

About a quarter of the way up was a spooky tunnel leading to the old keeper's quarters.

The light

And we are UP!

Here you can see the scale of how high we were. The white speck down there is a man!

I really like the skyline.

Ok...I am not a fan of heights, but the pictures were worth it and it really was no so bad after a few minuets. Coming back down the stairs was pretty difficult though!

Needles to say, we had a great time climbing and walking. :)

Fort Barancas

Guess what? There is actually a fort on the other side of, or inside rather, that hill!

It was a short walk to the fort.

Stopping for a "Best Friends Forever" picture. :)

And there's the fort! The walls were all laid by hand and they were over twenty feet tall! All the little holes in the walls are rifle ports. If an attack was made against the fort well over 100 hundred rifles would be pointed out of them. There was a large dry mote to get past too. The bridge could be raised and lowered whenever needed. You can read more about it by clicking on this link. Fort Barancas Info.

Walking down to inside the fort.

Em took this one of me...thought is looked kinda medieval :)

The tunnels were so neat!!! It was so neat to stand there and imagining men walking to a fro. :)

Art? :)

Wow! That's quite a name. lol! We all thought of some that sounded a bit more mysterious, but none of them were as practical. ;)

Looking up from inside "The Steep Dark Passage".

There was another fort that was built by the Spanish at the other end of the "Steep Dark Passage". It looked very Mayan or Aztec.

This was what really looked Mayan! The stairway was sooo steep and high. I guess this could be call the "Steep White Passage". ;)

Isn't the architecture beautiful! And it's underground inside the hill!

It was such a neat experience and we hope to go back and spend more time there. :)

On the Way Home

Ok...this is where the "raining hard" part that I was referring to earlier. :)

On the Pensacola bridge.

There were more kids than shown here...they are sleeping. :)

And of course we must get a cup of of specialty coffee!

God bless y'all!

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

A ride to the creek

Hello Everyone!
I pray you are all well. We have enjoyed allot of family time since we got our horses. We all agree on our favorite spot to ride together...a creek about a mile and a half down the road from us. There is a really steep, but short hill that leads down to it under a bridge. You would never know there was a way to get down there unless you looked for it. Anyways, Daddy and Momma took me and below down there for a ride and an evening camp out! A few of us packed backpacks full of hot-dogs, water bottles, lemonade mix, and Little Debbie treats, Daddy and Momma used the buddy saddles to double up with Abby and Naomi. I took Emily's Duke because I did not want to ride Jasmine so soon after her foaling, Micah took Marshmallow and Lydia...Jeb!
We had a wonderful ride and such a memory building time around the campfire.
Here are some of the pictures I took. :)
Christ be with you all!
For His glory alone,
Anna for the Pendletons

Daddy's paint horse, Gretchen, and Momma's horse Rusty.

Micah looking very much like an explorer. :)

Now that's what I call staple food!

Lydia and I matched...just had to get a picture! We are both enjoying our new hats! :)

The kids had so much fun on their own little "island".

Love this one!

Daddy preparing to build the fire...

And there it is! I love the striking colors.

Mmmmm! Now there's a healthy hardy meal. ;)

Momma...always ready to make food (nitrite free, of course:) for her family in any condition!!! :)

Isn't that adorable!!!

Not sure what Abby is doing here. ;)

Lydia and Jeb

Daddy and "losta" boots.

Awww, twue wuv!

And I'll end with my favorite picture of the day!