Monday, July 27, 2009

Retreat @ Calathora


Howdy y'all!
So, we had a wonderful time at the Morton's place a couple of weeks ago! They have family retreats every once in a while and we always love going! What a blessing it was to fellowship with like minded believers!
It was wonderful to see those of you that were there!
My grandpa P. is here right now, so, Lord willing, I will be "Bloggin'" it!
Momma has been reading us kids Alvin York's journal and and his "aspeakin kina gets to ya!" ;)

Fun with Family!


Hello all!
Here I am, late, once again! Well, we had a blessed time with our dear "Nuncle" Chuck, "Ant" Connie, and our some of our cousins...Mike, Mitch, Sarah and Mark, on the 4th of July. Momma took the little ones and me in the van, and Daddy and Em came the next day. (I think :)(By the way, Em drove to and from Tenn!) We had a great time at the "Adventure Science Center" and the zoo the first couple of days, and for the fourth uncle Chuck worked some magic on the grill! Yummo!
To sum up, we are continuously grateful for the immense blessing that the Ps have always been to us, and we look forward to the years to come!
We love you guys!
Anna for us all

And, as always, here are a few pictures to mark the event!

Monday, July 13, 2009

Good Bye, Buddy-Bear

Well, this is long past due, but better late than never. Our beloved family dog of nine years was hit by a car,this past march, and died a week later. We took him to the vet. and he said that there was nothing to be done. He put him to sleep, we brought him back and buried him on our property.

We all miss Buddy terribly, but the Lord blessed us with nine wonderful years with him and we are very grateful for all of our memories with him.

We are also blessed with offspring from Buddy. Polly (our Great White
Pyrenees) had four of Buddy's pups one week after he died. We have kept two. One looks like a black lab, and we named him Trooper. The other looks like Buddy himself, and we naturally named him, Buddy Jr. (BJ).

Here are just a couple of pictures of our dear doggy!
Anna, for us all

Classic, Classic Buddy!

Buddy was a Black Lab/Australian mix. He was the most protective dog!

And here is Buddy's name sake...Buddy JR. Doesn't he remind you of Buddy?
He acts JUST like Buddy!

This is Trooper. The Lab really came out in him! He has the sweetest most comical personality!

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

And the baby is...

Jake and Tina went to their appointment on the 30th of June and found out that the baby is a...
...BOY!!!!! We are praising the Lord for this little miracle and thanking him for His love.
Jacob Blaine Pendleton is due to be born in mid November!!!!!!!!!!!!
God be with you all!
Anna for us all