Thursday, February 25, 2010

The latest additions to Creek Wood Farm

We are so excited! :) We just bought two horses! Lydia had saved her money for a very long time and bought her own. Lydia's is the Paint, who she named Captain, and Dad and Mom bought a pregnant mare, Marshmallow. Jake and Tina are to have the foal when it is born. :) They are both very well trained and Lydia's horse is a beautifully gaited horse. Marshmallow is so sweet and calm that the little girls can get on her and ride by themselves, but she loves to run when one of the older ones gets on her. (Though we have to take it easy on her, with her being pregnant! :) Captain has a great disposition, he is a wonderful horse to ride and stops immediately when told to.
We have had so much fun riding and learning about horses and we are looking forward to becoming more active with them!
Here are a couple of pictures we got a couple of days ago.
Anna, for us all
The four youngest on Lydia's horse, Captain

Jake and Naomi

I thought this was a super cute picture! :)


And Abby! :)
That's all for now! Hope to be blogging again soon! :)

Friday, February 12, 2010


We had a delightful surprise! It snowed here in south Alabama!!! When we got up this morning there were a few flurries and later on it started to rain, so we thought that may have been all...then it really started to snow! Everything was so white and beautiful! We spent the whole day outside enjoying the once every two decade pleasure. :) Here are a few of the pictures we took. God be with you all! Blessings!
Anna for us all
Naomi and the snow man...she ran promptly into the house after this picture and got her coat on! :)

Micah and his snow man

I thought this was a beautiful one!
I really had to look twice before I recognized where this's our street! LOL!

Behind our property in our neighbor's field.

Tina had never been in the snow before!!! She had a blast!

The four youngest ones...keeping those sleds in the workshop for over five years finally paid off!

This was also Naomi's first time in the snow! Her hands were freezing, but she had so much fun! :)

Abby was so picturesque in her outfit!
Me and my dog, BJ

Dad's car in it's "Natural" surroundings ;)

Well, Christmas is over...but I thought this looked very holiday-ish :)

And for the last one, a great shot of BJ! Hope y'all have a blessed day!

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Mother and Daughter Winter Refreshment

.... and refreshing it was! Last weekend we had the privilege of attending a Mother and Daughter retreat in Newnan, GA. The guest speakers were Stacy and Tiffany McDonald. They were both very encouraging and we really enjoyed getting to know them a little bit. We also enjoyed spending time with our Marmee. Tina and Jacob Blaine were able to come, too, which made it extra fun. To our friends that we had the pleasure of seeing: it was so nice to see and visit with ya'll again.

"Um... Anna? Was your coffee regular or decaf?"

Sweet Ruthie

~Craft Time~
For craft time, they had tiles for us to decorate as hot plates. Brilliant idea!

Thank you God for sisters!

Miss Laura and Amanda with their lovely hot plates

Miss Leslie and Alex making mother/ daughter journals

Most of our acquaintances :)

Miss Christina and Angela

~Tea Time~
"A virtuous women who can find? For her worth is far above rubies."
Thank you for such a lovely time, Marmee!

Jakie got a special pass to this event since he was chaperon :)

Miss Stacy and Tiffany (congratulations on your betrothal, Tiffany!)

Miss Angela and Sarah

Chef Gregory and his catering team catered the entire event and we all immensely enjoyed the food he provided for the event.

Anna and Katie

Miss Wendy, Gracie, Abbi, and Beka

Jacob Blaine was kind enough to keep Tina and Anna entertained the whole way home.
That about sums up our visit to Newnan.
See ya'll later!

Monday, February 1, 2010

Winter Activites

Hello Everyone! We have skipped a couple of events that we would like to share with ya'll... even though it's a month later. :)
I'll start with our visit to Mt. Zion Bible Church in Pensacola, Florida. We were very blesses to have the opportunity to once again fellowship with our dear friends at Mt. Zion. Pastor Jeff Pollard with his wife Myra, and Pastor Steven Frakes with his wife Linda, were able to join us for a picnic lunch on the beach. We really enjoyed our visit and thank the Lord for giving us such dear, loving friends and Brothers and Sisters.

Marmee and some of her Maidens


Jake and Tina enjoying the sunshine

Mr. and Mrs. Blaine Pendleton, Mr. and Mrs. Jeff Pollard, Jacob Blaine, and Mr. and Mrs. Jacob Pendleton

Every year, during Papa's Christmas break, we go ice skating in Montgomery, reminisce of our years in Germany. Afterward, we go eat at Stevie B's pizza buffet, then head home for a good nights rest.

I will close this post with a couple of pics of the beloved grandson and nephew who is now smiling and cooing. He is such a precious little boy and he certainly lights up our days with his dear smile and comforting "talks". :) We love you Jacob Blaine!