Wednesday, August 26, 2009

You have to see it to believe it!

We sure have done all kinds of different things since we moved back to the good ol' Heart o' Dixie, and became farmers, but...this is the very first time we have ever butchered an alligator! The Eddins and Cade families went hunting for gators and snagged this 451 lb, twelve footer! We all had a great time helping them process it and fellowshipping! It was also a blessing to finally meet the Cades! Here are some pictures to mark this thrilling event!
Bye, Y'all!
, for us all

Em and me
You can't see it very well, but it weighed in at 451 lbs!

Aww..look, he's smiling! ;P

Look how cute those two are!
Emily E. and Naomi

It was so wonderful to talk with Jennie!

"There you go!"
The triumphant hunters Miss Dana and Miss Melony!
Ewan was so cute! He served as the door guard...I think he's taken a break from that stressful job!

Sweet Kiddo carried the meat to the freezer.

Evie's and Lydia's pow wow.

Daddy, Dr. Cade and Micah

And last but not least...Abby! That's all for now folks! Gooten nacht and God bless!

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Farmer Man

We tilled up our garden today, in preparation for the Fall planting! Mr. Kevin graciously let us borrow his tractor to do the sure beats hand plowing!!!!!!!! Any-hoo, Micah was out there using it and daddy got a couple of pics. Good job farmer man!
Until the next post!

Thursday, August 20, 2009

A reminder of Pslam 19:1

We were all sitting in the school room a couple of nights ago when I looked out the window and saw this! I grabbed the camera and went out there to get a few pics of this magnificent sun set! Until next time! Anna

Monday, August 10, 2009

WRC Ball game!

Back with another fun event to show y'all! This past Lord's day we met at our home and after service we all went out to play a game of base ball! The only "sport knowledge" was from the dads and there were mostly kids it made a fun game! We were all nearly falling out of our seats laughing at the cute kids hitting and running WITH the bat...or hitting and running to third base first...or watching the two year old hit a great ball...just a few examples! Watching this all made you realize that simple pleasures are life's greatest treasures! It was soooo wonderful to watch everyone's faces where there was scarce a moment when a smile was not on everyone's! Praise the Lord for a wonderful and loving church family! God bless you all until the next post! Anna for us all

Not sure what's going on here!

Micah's up to bat and Mr. Adam's up to pitch!

Kiddo-Bug! She was sooo cute playing!

Monkey man!

Mr. Adam and his Emily preparing to bat!

Mikie was a man of many sports that day. :)

Miss Carly and her new baby Leigh-Anna
Daddy and Mr. Adam

Way to go Micah! He literally slid to get that one! Safe!

Miss Rebekah
Three of the Lovely ladies!

Daddy was a great pitcher!

Mr. Chris and Michael

Run Emmy!
The Velsor family
"No, Emily! That way!" ;P
Look at that pose!

Emily's new quote..."The real reason a baby sling was that you can hold two babies!"


Mr. Adam and Andrew had a game of their own. Mr. Adam looked back and saw his son running for he ran too!


And for the last pic. Our dear baby Naomi! I'm Anna Pendleton-FYI news