Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Battle of Newton 2009

Daddy, Jake and Micah recently reenacted in our annual Battle of Newton down here in Alabama. They made great confederates! They were able to camp out in tents just like the real soldiers. Summing it all up...they had a "blast"! ;) (Unfortunately Dad died the first day and Micah, the faithful flag boy, died the next day. :)
Enjoy these couple of pictures!
Anna for us all

Loading the "bullets".

Jake was awesome!

A true Southern Gentleman! "Pray for peace, be prepared for war."

It was great to see Mr. Tingy, who set the guys up for the whole thing!

Mr. Tingy carried Micah off of the battle field.

Daddy is the one w/ the blue fringe on his hat.

Two handsome soldiers, "Fighting for States' rights".

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