Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Hurricane Candy!

Ah! There was so much sugar...here is some sugar covered in...sugar.

Abby and Jessie M.

It looks like one of those housing strips on the beach, with all of the colors. :)

My porch fell apart. :) I was able to mend it though. Lydia and I had so many of the same ideas!

Tina decorating her "honey" with sugar. lol!

Two very proud aunts and one very handsome nephew. :P

Micah-man decorating

Jakie in his grandmama's arms.
Abby! :) So cute!

What is he doing to Tina's house?! :)

Lils did such a great job on her house

Daddy was so wonderful, going around and helping

And I will end with this picture of Tina's lovely and whimsical cottage. :) God bless you all!

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