Sunday, April 19, 2009

Battle of Selma

We had a wonderful time in Selma Alabama, with our dear friends, the King family! We went to the Civil war reenactment. It was really fun! They did a great job with the cannons and muskets. We had a blessed time fellowshipping with the Kings, and a delightful ride as a family! Thank you so much Daddy and momma for a wonderful time! Here are a few pictures to add to what I have said! A picture says a thousands words soooo, here are allot of words! God Bless! Anna for us all.


Momma and miss Karen always have a wonderful time together!

Here is the camp all set up!

Micah and Abby

Our cute little Roofy!

Here are the enemies! Yanks

The confederate troops, marching to battle

Isn't that neat!

Poor Naomi did not like all the noise!

Someone's down! Don't worry...they were up at the end!lol! :)

The GREAT Confederate flag!

Daddy and "Uncle" Tony surveying the battlefield!

We got to go look at the cannons after the battle...neat!

Sweet Mom

I'll end with this wonderful picture! Praise the Lord for Family and friends!

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  1. We LOVE the War Between the States...ahem...War of Northern Agression reenactments and history as well. :) It is so fascinating, and holds a very dear place in our hearts and our heritage.

    Ever seen the movie Gods and Generals (with Robert DuVall and Stephen Lang)? I would highly recomend it, if ya'll have not seen it!

    Solo deo Gloria,
    Mallory for the Whiddon Clan