Sunday, April 12, 2009

Holding Hands Twenty Six Years!!!

God has blessed Daddy and Momma with 26 wonderful years of marriage! They have been together through thick and thin, and have always relied upon each other.The greatest blessing is their absolute devotion to the Lord! They have focused on raising the next generation for the glory of God. All who meet them are blessed and encouraged by their devotion to each other and Christ. Thank you both from the bottom of our hearts for the love and care you put into this family! We, your loving children, are forever grateful!
For the anniversary we all went to Columbus Ga. We had a delightful walk down the river walk and then a nice trip home, where we picked up 2 more meat rabbits! Daddy and Momma went out and spent the evening together! They had a great day! And many more years are ahead!!!!!!!

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