Sunday, June 21, 2009

Happy Birthday Daddy!!!!!!!

We have been blessed with the most wonderful, loving and caring father! Daddy just celebrated his birthday on the 16 of June. He had a wonderful day. We went out to Golden Corral. (the golden pig trough as we call it :P) And then we came home and had a party! He opened all his gifts from the kids, and we all got up and started to go back to the school room for family worship when mom said..."Oh my! Blaine, would you put the table away please?" Well, that was one REALLY nice table! When Mom said table, she forgot to add saw on the end! Daddy is now the proud owner of a "Heavy Duty Job site Dewalt table saw!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"
Any hoo, we all had a wonderful day and we rejoice and praise God for giving us our AMAZING daddy!
The work he has put into our homestead, the love he has put into our family and above all, the honor and glory he gives to the Lord are just a few of the amazing qualities that our father has.

Thank you soooooo much Daddy, for all that you do! We love you!

Anna on behalf of us all!


  1. The Morton family sends loud hurrahs to the Pendleton household. Happy Birthday, Blaine!! We second all the heartfelt words of the family... a table saw, huh? Wow. Hugs and love all around, Jeanine for the Mortons

  2. Hey!
    Thank you so much, dear miss Jeanine!
    Love y'all!