Monday, September 21, 2009

Vacation 2009

Well, we had a fabulous two week vacation this year in Pigeon Forge Tennessee! I'll let the pictures do the talking, but something I have to mention that the pictures won't tell you, is that we had THREE tire blow outs on the camper! Turns out they were the same tires that have been causing a bunch of car wrecks around the country. God was so good to protect us! We had a great time of R&R as well as a chance to focus on nothing but family time!
Here are only a few of the 1,100 pictures that Em and I got!
God be with you!
Anna, for us all

She was so cute shopping!

These two pix are right behind our campsite.

I thought those colors were striking together.


Mama dear

Papa man

Micah man


This place was so amazing! We were able to see all kinds of things! We saw so many historical artifacts including, my fav, some of Alvin York's things!

It was a lovely day

I am sure we all know what this is! ;P

Papa at the "pulpit".

Inside one of the houses

Ripley's Aquarium
This is a Mud skipper

We were able to get face to face with the sharks! ( was through glass!:)

Papa and two of his baby dolls

The eels were very cool but they were also quite eerie!

Naomi loved this octopus!

Well, they didn't fit but you get the idea! :P

Apparently it is not very common to see the sea turtle, so we were fortunate to see allot of him!

We got to see two dive shows! They were so neat!
The lovely couples (below)
We had the immense pleasure of having the our cousins the Parker family camp with us for a weekend! Here are most of the cousins!

Sarah and me

We all went to the Rod run that was going on!


Abby and Mark! Cute!

Lydia, Sarah and me

"Nuncle" Chuck!

Sisters...oh! Twins!

Dolly Wood!
Teacher and students!

Kiddo-Bug in the tea cup ride.

Water ride!

Mama and Naomi on the air plain ride.

We saw a great country show!

Naomi was called up on stage and wore the "owl eyes".

Papa and Micah on the Blazing Furry

Three of us girls

The four older ones were allowed to go and walk around the park and ride all of the rides over and over...and over!

Naomi's only "big coaster" She rode it at least six times!

Abby at lunch

Naomi at lunch

Wonder Works

The building was up side down! It was so cool!

On the way home!
The driver

Oh, yes! Mom, Abby and I all got our own Chinchilla!
Mom's is, Sophie, Abby's is Chester and mine is Reepicheep!


We ended with a blown tire at 12 am! A very wonderful, very memorable vacation!!!!

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  1. It looks like y'all had a lovely time on your vacation. Y'all went to Tennessee? Isn't it beautiful there?!

    Hope that you all are doing well!

    God bless~

    Mallory Whiddon