Friday, January 1, 2010

Ball at Calathora 2009

Hello all!
Daddy, Em and I went to the Morton family's annual new years ball. :) We had such a wonderful time fellowshipping and dancing. It was so wonderful to "ring in the new year" by praying and praising the Lord. It was wonderful to meet new people and enjoy old friends company.
All of the Mortons did and amazing job. Thank y'all so much!!! Here are a few pictures. (Sorry they are not very good. I am still trying to figure out my new camera!) :)

Anna, for us all

Fellowship and dancing


The Morton ladies

The Campana Girls

Cousins, Amanda and Alex

A Miss Roberts, a Miss Roberts, a Miss Roberts, and a Miss Roberts. :)


Most of the Mortons :)

My knight in shining armor.

Em and me

And for the last picture, our beloved father. (Who can do the Virginia Reel very well.:)
Until next time! :)

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