Monday, February 1, 2010

Winter Activites

Hello Everyone! We have skipped a couple of events that we would like to share with ya'll... even though it's a month later. :)
I'll start with our visit to Mt. Zion Bible Church in Pensacola, Florida. We were very blesses to have the opportunity to once again fellowship with our dear friends at Mt. Zion. Pastor Jeff Pollard with his wife Myra, and Pastor Steven Frakes with his wife Linda, were able to join us for a picnic lunch on the beach. We really enjoyed our visit and thank the Lord for giving us such dear, loving friends and Brothers and Sisters.

Marmee and some of her Maidens


Jake and Tina enjoying the sunshine

Mr. and Mrs. Blaine Pendleton, Mr. and Mrs. Jeff Pollard, Jacob Blaine, and Mr. and Mrs. Jacob Pendleton

Every year, during Papa's Christmas break, we go ice skating in Montgomery, reminisce of our years in Germany. Afterward, we go eat at Stevie B's pizza buffet, then head home for a good nights rest.

I will close this post with a couple of pics of the beloved grandson and nephew who is now smiling and cooing. He is such a precious little boy and he certainly lights up our days with his dear smile and comforting "talks". :) We love you Jacob Blaine!

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