Thursday, April 15, 2010

Jake and Tina's New Home!

Jake and Tina are renting a new home! It's a beautiful little house with a nice yard, big trees, and a beautiful view! Last week a couple of the men from church went over to help Jake and Tina and us move them into their new home. :)
It is so lovely and Jake and Tina are doing a wonderful job settling in. :)
Here are a few pix of the move. :)
God bless y'all.
In Christ and for His glory alone,
Anna for the Pendletons

The happy couple and baby...(and dad/dad in law) :)

I have to admit...this was one of the cutest things ever! :)

Two vans, two trailers...lots of stuff! :)

The moving crew

And the Dear Pendleton Bug Family on their new front porch!

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