Wednesday, April 21, 2010

The latest additions to Creek Wood Farm...again! :)

As you know we have been getting some horses. Momma saw a pony advertised...we saw the picture and read the description...He sounded like a great horse for Naomi. When we got there this little guy was three feet tall!!! Naomi is able to put the itty bitty saddle on him and ride him. For the past two days she has gotten up and with the sleepy look still on her face, run out there, and put him on the lead to walk him over the property. He is so spunky...but so is Naomi, so they make a great pair! :) She named him Tex. (Oh, and yes! He is full grown! :) ) Daddy and Momma got Abby and Naomi some saddle bags yesterday, I foresee many adventures, consisting of long journeys across our yard on horse back, and sandwiches packed in a saddle bags. :)

Naomi and can see how little he is!!!

Now, my new horse! She is a five year old, Old Foundation Quarter Horse. She has the sweetest, calm disposition, but is still spirited and ready to ride! We are thinking she is around 15 hh. (We will be measuring her later to know for sure.) I have given her the Persian name, Jasmine. She is very muscular and broad. She is bred to a Palomino right now and is due in September. :)

Everyone thinks it's funny that we are both blond. :)

Gretchen seems to be please with her new pasture friend. :)

God bless y'all!
In Christ and for His glory alone,
Anna, for the Pendleton family


  1. Awww... How cute!
    Miss Ya'll!
    Mariah C.

  2. How fun! You all have so many horses now! I want to come visit you!
    With love, Sarah for all the Parker's