Thursday, May 19, 2011


Well, as you can see, we have a new calf! Momma named her Bella-May. She is the sweetest little calf! We can walk right up to her and she doens't even flinch. She is one of the family and it's amazing how fast she grows!!! She looks just like Maggie...I know, how is one cow different from another? Well, if you have a family cow you will understand. :)
Bella-May is the sweetest calf we have had and is just a joy!
I will try to get some better pix later, but I just wanted to get this up before she got too big!
So, here you can get the idea. I had to take the pix when momma was milking...with her new milk machine woot woot! She has been saving for so long and I was sooo excited for her when she got it!!! It is taking a little figuring, but I think it will be wonderful!
May Christ be with you!!!
Anna for the Family

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