Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Our "Small Amazing Renovation"- Week 1

We have a busy 5-6 weeks ahead of us! We are having a new living room and porch added to the front of our house, putting a full bathroom in the master bedroom, opening the kitchen up completely (yay!!!) and we are also hoping to turn our workshop into a little studio apartment/ cottage. We are really excited about the end result- the main part of it being that the major house remodeling projects will be DONE!!!

The pictures below are of the first week's work. Lord willing, there will be a weekly update (at the least) with photos showing the results of a week of work.

Before the ruckus begins

~Day 1~

The framing of the foundation

Meet (from L to R) Mr. Bill Jordan (contractor), Gwen, Moses, and Hosea

Before the end of day 1, Gwen and Mr. Bill brought a load of clay.

~Day 2~

Day 2 began with an extra large dump truck and a smaller dump truck full of red clay coming up the driveway. By the end of the day, there had been 4 total loads of the smaller dump truck and 1 of the large truck.

Papa's little tractor came in handy :)

Enjoying the show

~Day 3~

The dirt foundation needed one final touch- the tampering! So Mr. Bill brought his nifty "little" gas powered tamping tool over and finished packing the dirt. A couple of us were even permitted to give it a go ourselves.

Due to the concrete finisher not being available until Monday, this ends the work week.

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  1. How exciting! We are finally getting a little shed built in our backyard, but we are pretty excited about it.