Saturday, June 5, 2010

Miss Tina Ann Pendleton

Our dear Tina had her birthday Saturday!!! Since Jake has to work we celebrated it Friday. He and Emily gave Tina a BEAUTIFUL hoop gown! Jake bought the stuff and Em sewed it. Jake also got her a hoop skirt. I would tell you how excited she was, but I can't tell the tale as well as the pictures. :) After she was given that we all got dressed up in costume and went to our beautiful local garden and enjoyed a lovely picnic by Jake and the most peaceful and gorgeous walk around the whole garden. :)
Here are some pictures from the event. I have a few more that I will try to get up here later. :)
We love you Tina-Bug!!!! Happy, Happy birthday!!!
Anna, for us all
Tina was giggling behind Jake's hand the whole time! :)

The reaction was one of shock...I don't think it sunk in for a minute, but when it did...

...She got really excited!!!! :)

So, we went to the garden and got a few pictures first. :)

Tina fit so well into the civil war time period clothing!

Another lovely southern belle. :)

I loved the bow and sash going down the back of the dress. It really added to it.

This picture was an accident, but I thought it was cute.

Look how little Jacob is looking at his grandpa! So cute!

Naomi and her tea. It's funny. Em and I wore that dress! It was from England, and daddy got them for our birthdays while we were in Germany.

While the guys hang out and eat chips and such...

The girls have a lovely tea!

Our little fountain of smiles.

Aren't they a lovely couple!


Lydia and our nephew.

They are a lovely couple too! :)

And so our walk begins! :)

Tina and Baby Bug

The guys take break...

A royal escort

I love this picture!


Little Jake got so excited about the water!


The Pendleton "bug" Family

Uncle Micah and Jacob Blaine

"Jacob's Aunt Farm." :)

Naomi's nick name is Butterfly so this sign was too perfect!

On our way back to the cars

Grandpa and Baby Bug!

Nothing's cuter than slobbery baby kisses! ;)

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