Wednesday, June 23, 2010


Hello Everyone,
My dog, BJ, died two nights ago. We think it was a heat stroke. We all loved BJ very much and miss him terribly, but we are grateful for the year we got to have with him. I was with him when he died.
We found him in the pasture unable to get up. We thought he was kicked by a horse for a while. Dad and I lifted him and brought him to the front of the house where he liked to sit. We came in allowing him to rest. When I went out to check on him he was gone. I thought he must be fine and just got up and was walking around again, but when I found him he was lying in the grass.
I stayed out with him for a while until he died. Jake came over and helped me bury him the next morning.
As much as we miss BJ we are very happy that we had a short time with him and that he did not suffer!
God bless you!
In Christ and for His glory alone,


  1. Oh Anna - I am so sorry. Loss of a pet is always so hard - I still miss my dog Patty that died when we first moved to Alabama...

  2. Thanks Miss Amy! I don't think I remember Patty. I know I have heard about her though. :)