Tuesday, July 13, 2010

The Cat and the House!

As Promised, here are a couple pictures of Naomi's kitten and the house. While I was looking through the pictures of the house before we did anything to it I couldn't believe how different it looks!
God bless you always.
In Christ and for His glory alone,
Anna, for the Pendletons

It was so hard to get a picture of him! lol. He was always moving around and wanting to play with me. :)

Before (and now prepare to be amazed...)


Momma's lovely flowers. :)

I love this corner feature

The new door bell

And the red front door. The light is new and the door is newly painted. :)
God bless you! Until the next post... :)

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  1. I like that cat, he is sweet. The house looks great, I got a look at it Sunday, but I didn't realize how much different it looked, nor that ya'll had painted the door. It really looks terrific. :)