Friday, July 23, 2010

Praise God from Whom All Blessings Flow

The entire Pendleton household is very grateful to God that a car accident that could have resulted in major injuries was only a couple of headaches and body aches. Anna and I were running our usual Thursday errands in Dothan in Dad's silver Passat. Traffic was moving about 40 mph... or so we thought. The driver of the truck you see below was driving under the influence and, though traffic was stopped in front of him, used no brake lights or turn signal and suddenly swerved into the left lane and nearly flipped over. We, being unaware that traffic in front of him had stopped, were still going about 38 mph, and as soon as the truck had swerved we rammed right into the back of the white car. We later found out that when the truck swerved in front of us, he hit the rear of the white car which sent it sailing into the car in front of it which deployed the white car's airbags. The driver of the white car went to the hospital out of precaution for her neck and arm. From what we know she is fine, though, praise God! It was a four car wreck and everyone that was involved was very sweet, calm, and patient with each other. Anna and my necks are hurting notably and our whole bodies are aching from bearing down during the impact, but that is pretty much it. Thank you God for protecting everyone!
Emily for All
P.S. Here is news report done on the wreck yesterday afternoon.


  1. praise God you all are okay! REst and feel better.

    Mrs. A.

  2. Praise the Lord for protecting you both. We sure do love you guys. We will be praying for you both to feel better.


  3. Wow, it would appear that Dothan traffic is no more civilized than Montgomery traffic. Glad everyone was ok, things like that sure happen fast. Really amazing, isn't it, how God is always faster?

    E. for the Kings