Saturday, July 31, 2010

Roman...a beautiful colt!!!

Hello All!
Last night we had our annual school party and Daddy and Momma surprised us by buying a massive tent and cowboy cookin'! We enjoyed a wonderful night as a family sleeping on the not so soft ground of the tent. :) (Daddy, Momma and everybody but Tina, the baby and I went for a ride to the creek earlier in the evening. Jake took Jasmine and she did great, though a little slow...we now know why!) When we woke up the next morning...We found this! We knew that my horse, Jasmine, was pregnant, but we had no idea she was so far along! It's a little boy/colt and I named him Roman. He is the sweetest little guy and is healthy as can be. Jasmine is doing great and it's so sweet watching her protect her baby, though she has no problem letting us love up on him. I am really looking forward to raising and training him for the barrels.
We are getting Jasmine fattened up like we did Marshmallow after she had her filly. Jasmine was a rescue horse and pregnant when we got her and we found it much easier to fatten them up after they have their babies. I am sure she will enjoy the extra scoop of feed that is the privilege of every nursing horse. :)

Here are a couple pictures of him just a few hours old. :)
Christ be with you all!
For His glory alone,
Anna for the Pendletons


  1. Anna~ He is just precious! Congratulations!

  2. They are both very pretty. Colts are so cute!

    E. for the Kings