Monday, March 21, 2011


Hello Everyone!

Well, I will use the overly-used saying again...better late than never! Well over a month ago on my 17th birthday, a man that Daddy works with took us up in his plane (pictured above). It was soooo neat! None of us have been up since we flew from Germany to the U.S. and Micah and Lydia did not remember flying at all. It was also Tina's first time up! We had a great time (except for when I got...sick in the plane ;). We were able to see Dothan, our house and allot of places that we have been to a million times but were unable to tell where they were because it looks so different from the air!
Thank you to Mr. M for taking us and thank you Daddy for letting us go live the "Greek's Dream". (The story with the Greek's dream...when I was little and Daddy would leave for work, if he was flying that day, I would say "have fun living the Greek's dream, Daddy!" was fun to do it and see things the way Dad does all the time!)
Here are a few of the pictures. I know that we have more somewhere, but they were not on my camera. So...maybe I will have to do a part 2 when/if I get them.
Christ be with you all!
Anna for the Pendletons

Ps. We tried to find Cloud 9, but there was no one to give us directions up there.

Emily and "our pilot", Mr. Kevin, just before we took off! Lydia and I are sitting in the back squeezing eachother's hands! (I am scared of heights...and Lydia was just...squeezing my hand. ;)

Do we look like we know what we are doing? Because we don't!!! lol?

And there is Dothan!

This was one of my favorite shots
Look! There is our house! It was so funny to see the horses from way up there!
And here is the group that went flying...alive and well! :) We all had a wonderful time and are thankful for the chance to live the Greek's dream!

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