Sunday, March 27, 2011


Well, well, well. Where do I start!? First...praise the Lord we are all safe! Right now, I am sitting in the daaaark school room with the generator running. We have no power due to the tail end of the tornado that went through our property!
I only know what things were like through my eyes so that is how I will tell it!
The weather was getting bad so daddy and momma went to get Tina and Lydia who were at Jake and Tina's place. Em, Micah, the two little girls and I stayed home. I was doing some work on the computer in front of the school room window and all of a sudden the sky went black and I could hear the wind raging. Then, everything went white with hail. Emily and I rushed everyone to the hallway and then I realized that my dog, Luther, was outside. I rushed out...thankfully he was right outside! We waited in the house. I really, really thought that the windows were going to be knocked in from the wind and hail. Emily was in the school room trying to get ahold of mom and dad when they pulled in...praise the Lord they were safe!
The little girls were clinging to me was quit the climatic time!
Thank the Lord everything stopped and we are all safe! There are several trees up by the roots and countless treetops and limbs all over the place.
It really makes you feel small when you look at everything! How great is God! To think that THOSE winds obey Him!!! Wow!
Daddy just got back from helping our neighbor, Mr. Kevin M. put a tarp over his was leaking and he needed help, so Daddy and Micah went over.
Em is at Tina's cooking pizza. ;)
All I can say is God is amazing. SO amazing!
I have a ton more pix...but it all looks the same when you see all of it!
It is super black outside...kinda cool...kinda not.
We found out for sure that we did get a tornado. Momma looked it up on her droid (love it!) and they said that a tornado went through here. There will be a ton of clean up to do. I don't think there is a bit of property that is not covered in pine needles and sticks!
Amazingly all the horses are fine! None of the animals were hurt, but Maggie's shed is half way across the property!! Here are a couple pix. Quite and exciting day!!! Never a dull moment...
Christ be with you!
Anna for the family

Look at the size of this hail!!!

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  1. Wow! So thankful that everybody is okay! We get tornados here in MN too! Pretty intense weather for the little people!