Friday, March 4, 2011

A trip to the Parkers

Momma, Micah, Lydia, Abby, Naomi and I just spent the week with Momma's twin sister's family. We always LOVE spending time with the Parkers! We did several fun things...besides the wonderful time just hanging out!

God is so good to give us the Parkers for not only friends, but family!!!!!

Here are a few pictures of what we did. The pictures were taken on my camera so I did not get pictures of everything...sorry, but if Sarah sends me some of her pix (hint) I will try to do another post. ;-D

Christ be with you!
Anna for the Pendletons

Her majesty, Sadie on the way!

It rained (I just LOVE pointing out the obvious!)

One of the best friends a girl ever had...oh, I am talking about Sarah. ;)

"Ant" (long story with the spelling) Connie and momma went out several times and during one of those occasions, the three musketeers made everyone lunch and served it in the roomage, in restaurant style.

What a trio!!! I adore these kids!

Ah, yes! There is this really neat show called Cupcake Wars on Foodnetwork and one of the ladies who was in the show opened a shop near the Parkers. Tante (Aunt Connie) took us three older girls out and we each got a cupcake...they were soooo good and it was neat meeting the ladies who worked there.

"Sisters (and cousin), Sisters (and cousin) there were never such devoted sisters (and cousin)." :)

My dear Mark!!!!!! He is so much fun to play with. :) Especially when you are outnumbered three to one (by three un-named miniature people) on a trampoline with NO way to escape!

We went to the zoo on our last day!!!!! Here is everyone (or almost) heading in.

These birds almost looked like they could talk!

We loved seeing the momma and her baby. Accutally, the baby does not really belong to the momma. She is an adopted mother. I think that is so cute! The momma monkey is 42 years old!!!!

OH! And there were Baby meerkats!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! They were soooo cute! I got about 30 pix of the meerkats, but had to choose just one and though it is not the best, it has the baby and momma together. :)

Mitchel, Micah, Lydia and I went to the reptile house. Mitch and Micah were my heroes and warned me when there was a tarantula . *shudder*. :) Thanks guys!

These Iguanas were super neat! They were really active this time and I got this one eating!

Mitch's favorite is the Lorakeet feeding area. It was so neat to have three or four birds land on you. Naomi was realy popular with the birds. ;)

Don't know why this picture is so small, but here is Sarah and Sadie. :) Love you girl (Sarah)! ;)

And as sad as we were to have to leave a day early due to the weather, it was so beautiful to arrive home to my favorite tree in bloom!


  1. Wow!! Everyone has gotten so tall!! I dont beloeve that I would have recognized Micah if I saw him walking on the street!!! We should all hang out one day!! Love y'all!!!

  2. Anna! Great job! I had so much fun with you!