Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Mother and Daughter Winter Refreshment

.... and refreshing it was! Last weekend we had the privilege of attending a Mother and Daughter retreat in Newnan, GA. The guest speakers were Stacy and Tiffany McDonald. They were both very encouraging and we really enjoyed getting to know them a little bit. We also enjoyed spending time with our Marmee. Tina and Jacob Blaine were able to come, too, which made it extra fun. To our friends that we had the pleasure of seeing: it was so nice to see and visit with ya'll again.

"Um... Anna? Was your coffee regular or decaf?"

Sweet Ruthie

~Craft Time~
For craft time, they had tiles for us to decorate as hot plates. Brilliant idea!

Thank you God for sisters!

Miss Laura and Amanda with their lovely hot plates

Miss Leslie and Alex making mother/ daughter journals

Most of our acquaintances :)

Miss Christina and Angela

~Tea Time~
"A virtuous women who can find? For her worth is far above rubies."
Thank you for such a lovely time, Marmee!

Jakie got a special pass to this event since he was chaperon :)

Miss Stacy and Tiffany (congratulations on your betrothal, Tiffany!)

Miss Angela and Sarah

Chef Gregory and his catering team catered the entire event and we all immensely enjoyed the food he provided for the event.

Anna and Katie

Miss Wendy, Gracie, Abbi, and Beka

Jacob Blaine was kind enough to keep Tina and Anna entertained the whole way home.
That about sums up our visit to Newnan.
See ya'll later!

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  1. Thanks for sharing pictures - they already bring back fond memories. :o) I'm glad y'all came to the Winter Encouragement and am super glad to have met you. :o)