Thursday, February 25, 2010

The latest additions to Creek Wood Farm

We are so excited! :) We just bought two horses! Lydia had saved her money for a very long time and bought her own. Lydia's is the Paint, who she named Captain, and Dad and Mom bought a pregnant mare, Marshmallow. Jake and Tina are to have the foal when it is born. :) They are both very well trained and Lydia's horse is a beautifully gaited horse. Marshmallow is so sweet and calm that the little girls can get on her and ride by themselves, but she loves to run when one of the older ones gets on her. (Though we have to take it easy on her, with her being pregnant! :) Captain has a great disposition, he is a wonderful horse to ride and stops immediately when told to.
We have had so much fun riding and learning about horses and we are looking forward to becoming more active with them!
Here are a couple of pictures we got a couple of days ago.
Anna, for us all
The four youngest on Lydia's horse, Captain

Jake and Naomi

I thought this was a super cute picture! :)


And Abby! :)
That's all for now! Hope to be blogging again soon! :)

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