Friday, February 12, 2010


We had a delightful surprise! It snowed here in south Alabama!!! When we got up this morning there were a few flurries and later on it started to rain, so we thought that may have been all...then it really started to snow! Everything was so white and beautiful! We spent the whole day outside enjoying the once every two decade pleasure. :) Here are a few of the pictures we took. God be with you all! Blessings!
Anna for us all
Naomi and the snow man...she ran promptly into the house after this picture and got her coat on! :)

Micah and his snow man

I thought this was a beautiful one!
I really had to look twice before I recognized where this's our street! LOL!

Behind our property in our neighbor's field.

Tina had never been in the snow before!!! She had a blast!

The four youngest ones...keeping those sleds in the workshop for over five years finally paid off!

This was also Naomi's first time in the snow! Her hands were freezing, but she had so much fun! :)

Abby was so picturesque in her outfit!
Me and my dog, BJ

Dad's car in it's "Natural" surroundings ;)

Well, Christmas is over...but I thought this looked very holiday-ish :)

And for the last one, a great shot of BJ! Hope y'all have a blessed day!


  1. Hurray! We got some snow here too, but not as much as ya'll. Looks like fun!
    Love ya'll,

  2. ooohhh... looks like fun!
    miss you guys!
    The Campana fam.

  3. That looks like so much fun! We got six inches up here in Nashville, but I think I would enjoy less snow if I was with my cousins! Anna...... Did you realize that the jacket Ruthie is wearing used to be mine about ten years ago! That makes me feel so old when my cousins who are ten years younger then me are wearing my clothes!
    Your cuz and neice!