Sunday, October 31, 2010

Here it comes!!!

Our dear little Jakie Bug has said his official first word! I spent the night at Jake and Tina's last night and when I got up in the morning and as I began getting Jakie ready for church we were "talking" together and I referred to my self as "Tante" (German for Aunt) and he looked up and said..."Tante!". We were all so excited! He has been saying it clear as crystal over and over!
We love our little guy so very much and are so grateful to have him for a grandson and nephew! Any one who has met him will tell you that he is one of the happiest sweetest babies you could ever meat! Jake and Tina shine through him in so many ways! We love our "Bugs" as we love to call them. :)
Ok! Sorry for the little "brag session"...kinda hard not to go on about my family!
Christ be with you all!
For His glory alone,
Tante Anna for the Pendletons


  1. Anna, I am so excited that my "brother-out-law" ;)is talking! I can remember the first time I met him and he was only a few months old. I can't believe he is almost a year now! Makes me feel old. (even though I am quite young) I love him so much and I wish that we could visit you all more often! I love you girl!
    Your cuz, Sarah

  2. He is a very good baby. In fact, he's so fun that he makes me sparkle!

    Hope ya'll are doing well. All's pretty quiet at the King place. Keep learning words, Jakie! (am I allowed to call him that? Oooppps.)
    --Eli for the Kings