Sunday, October 24, 2010

Tea Time!

One of the many blissful things that take place when you are a little girl is being able to take any food, put a pretty dress on, add a little British accent and call it a tea party!
This was demonstrated in a most elegant way the other day when my two little ladies ran to me and said (with big eyes and puckered lips), "Anna! Will you make us a tea party?!" So...I went into the cabinet found some peanut butter, bananas and hamburger buns. After making some PBB's and a little fruit salad I called the girls from their "dressing room" and they ate and drank in a very "tea like fashion." :) This happens almost once a month, but I got some pictures this time so I wanted share them.
Christ be with you!
For his glory alone,
Anna for the Pendletons

Their "tea" was sprite. :) We usually don't have it around, but it worked out perfectly this time!

Abby helping Naomi to a seat.

Aren't they precious! I am so grateful to have these two little girls for little sisters!

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