Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Round Pen!!!

Daddy and the kids made a round pen for horse training a few weeks ago! We are all very excited about it as it will make the training so much easier and safe! Here are a few pictures of the process. :) Oh, and Daddy and Momma made special trip to Lowe's (where else, right?) to get a great latch! :) Mom, Em and I were busy in the house getting things done and making food! :)
Christ be with you!
For His glory alone,
Anna for the Pendletons

"So, you think we should get up?" "Naw, we are doing a pretty good job right here." :)

(Don't you love the captions under pictures?! I just realized that most of them just point out the obvious. LOL! But! I guess that is what I do as a blond. ;)

The real reason a ladder was made!!!

The cutie pie (again...obvious!)

Nothing runs like a Deere!

I love this one!

Look! The girls are up. :) They really were a great help handing daddy the screws and such. :)

And there it is! Doesn't it look so "Horse Ranchy?"

There's that great latch. :)

Thanks to Daddy and his little crew for making the pen! It has already been used and I know that it will be continually used for years and years!

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  1. That is so amazing! Now I need to come visit so that I can ride "safely" without a "run-away" horse! ;)
    I love you cuz!