Saturday, October 23, 2010

I'm going 36 miles so I can learn how to read!

Naomi has gone all the way around the Race Track once! Anyone who has done Sing, Spell, Read and Write will know what that means. :) This means that she has mastered the alphabet and can go on to reading and writing!!! We had a little party for her and she picked out all the toppings for ice cream sundays after she "ceremonially" placed her race car on the last space. We are all so proud of her (and Momma :) There was allot of hard work and it is so exciting every time this happens! I think that almost all of us have done this and it is so fun to watch it happen to one after another. :)
Sorry that some of the pictures are blurry.
Christ be with you all!
For His glory alone,
Anna for the Pendletons
Yay Naomi!!!!!

Momma got her a coloring book calender and some hair stuff.

Can you guess what is in his mind? Here's a hint "Thanks for that hard work Auntie Naomi!!! Now I can eat ICE CREAM!"

And there she is!!! All that hard work was worth it when she held that huge bowl of ice cream in her hand. I have always said that Momma has given us kids one of the BEST gift anyone could EVER give...Reading and Writing! Thank you Momma for all your hard work and perseverance! :)
Until next time. :)

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